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Re: Aikikai/Yoshinkan

That is interesting Jason. There are a lot of aikido offshoots that are similar to Yoshinkan aikido...if not a direct offshoot of Shioda Sensei. I can not speak for Yoseikan, as that is one of the few major aikido styles I have yet to watch or practice with, but I believe Saito Sensei has knowledge of aikibudo techniques (even though he doesn't normally practice them), and maybe Tomiki is a little similar from what I've been told (the only Tomiki school I've been to actually trained regularly in Aikijujutsu and only belonged to Tomiki aikido for the sake of belonging to an organization). If I may ask, where do you train? Oh yeah, I just read a bumped post about someone being nervous for their test at the Shinjinkan (Moore M. Sensei) and much of the vernacular used in the requirements she posted I have only seen at Yoshinkan schools. I am kind of curious to speak to them about where that influence came from vice Moore Sensei's background with the AAA.

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