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Re: Aikikai/Yoshinkan

Sorry, forgot something:

Kamae....fingers are spread apart. This is a training kamae and not considered a combative posture...although it is done throughout most advanced techniques as well.

Strikes/grabs: Shi'te has specific non-verbal leads which let uke know how and when to attack.

I would love to break down the format for #1 and #2 variations of strikes but I have just tried three times and failed. Lol! Guess I have a way before being a teacher! There are many commonalities in these formats, but there are a lot of oddballs as well.

Weapons: my groups has five tanto and five jo kata and a couple sword kata. We have many weapons pairing as well; kihon, oyo, and renzoku. We pair sword/sword, jo/jo, tanto/tanto, sword/tanto, sword/jo, tanto/jo. 97 weapons forms all together I think.

Oh and both those video clips are Yoshinkan aikidoka....



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