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Time for my one Kendo story. I've probably told it before, I've only got one afterall, so bear with me.

As a brown belt I happened to attend the local Japanese Festival and they had a Kendo demo. When they asked for volunteers to play I did so knowing that my Aikido time would fool them. They'd be expecting some hack, not ME!

Anyways, I drew their senior student, and not once did I even see his shinai move. Heard it as it hit me and he yelled a lot too. The guy tagged me at will. He wouldn't have had to kill me with one cut. He could have done it with 50 before I even knew I'd been cut.

Wait, I have a second story. A friend had also been to the local Kendo demo and he too had volunteered. Seems he'd had some Budwieser lubrication and when they gave him that stick he just grabbed it, charged and tackled the guy. For some reason I remember him telling me that he got his opponent in the crotch too.

He didn't really understand why but he said he had the distinct feeling that the Kendo people didn't like him.
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