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Dan Richards
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Re: Up on your toes: cleaning the gutters

Michael, that's a good point. I'm wanting clarity here. So anything that people are pointing out helps me. I'm not focusing on the balls of the feet. In fact, you can stand on the balls of your feet with your toes completely off the ground. And that's not what we're wanting to do here. The weight is focused on the big toe. That puts the weight even more forward.

It's also not standing on the balls of the feet while just floating the heels off the floor, either.

But, yes, it's not "up on the toes" - not "on point" like a ballerina. Perhaps "up on tiptoes" might be more clear. And that does engage a different part of the ball, than when our heals are closer to, or on, the ground.

Found some info here that was interesting.


I'll tweak this. Thanks.
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