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Re: bad technique vs. resistance

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
From your description of the dojos you train in or trained in
you must have been in pretty bad dojos.
You seem to think that the women are weak etc. I know I few ladies who would soon put you right on that premise.One lady in particular many years ago reduced me to a pulp.She was pretty tough.Learnt me a valuable lesson.Do not take anybody or anything for granted.
Cheers, Joe.
I agree with you completely. I recently returned to practice after a long time away but before I did I did a survey of dojos within a one hour drive of home. I decided on a dojo where the Shidoin is a woman:-- not because of her gender but because her Aikido is great by any standard and she is a wonderful teacher. She also has a very good way of making our practices relevant to real world situations.

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