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Re: Effectiveness of Aikido in a combat situation

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Sure, I can do kote gaeshi and shatter an opponents arm, or irimi and slam them head first into the ground, but thats not what I'm intending, nor is it the reason I see Aikido the way that I do.

Everyone has their own decision to make at the time (and I must admit that Marlon makes some good points in his initial post). Everyone has their reasons, everyone learns what they want and how they want, and everyone applies what they've learnt within their own boundaries and values. And therein lies Aikido....
My point was a much simpler one. Intent is all well and good, but no matter what your intent, no matter what "decision" you make, you're not in absolute control of the damage you do. Furthermore, because of the nature of the techniques, I think you're more likely to do lasting damage with aikido techniques. I've recovered from a dislocated shoulder, and I've recovered from a boot to the head. The latter was over and done with in a matter of days; the former will probably always trouble me.