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Re: aikido in your country's language

Ron Ragusa wrote: View Post
I was taught that ‘Aikido’ broken down into its component parts could be translated as ‘the Way to Union with Ki’. However, while Ai and Do are replaced with Way and Union respectively, Ki has no substitute. Over time I have developed my own functional definition of Ki as power generated by correct feeling, which is engendered by a coordinated mind and body.

Therefore if I were to translate, ‘rename’ in the OP, Aikido into English I would say “the Way (Do) of Unifying (Ai) mind and body so as to experience the power of correct feeling (Ki).”

I think you are over intellectualising it. It is - the Way of Aiki. And aiki is what aiki is. You can't translate it - you have to search for it and put it (aiki) into your Aikido techniques. Then, you have Aikido. If you put it into your Jujutsu techniques, then you have Aiki-jutsu. There is no reason why you could not put it into Judo either. Without aiki all you have is a bunch of waza. You may develop some aiki accidentally as you train, but if you recognise Aikido as the Way of Aiki, you will target it (aiki) and be more likely to succeed. And to those who ask, 'What is aiki?' ... it means they are 'off the track' for sure, and I could not easly answer as words are useless. But 'What is aiki?' is the only question they should be asking. Then, they are ready to seek.

I am now of the opinion that you could do Aikido for 50 years and simply, not be doing Aikido at all.

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