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Re: The ego and the martial arts

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As for the cultural aspect of this discussion, my describing Steve as obese was just a description. The last time I looked, obese was a medical term. I was not aware that it qualified as foul language. But, as I already said, english is not my mother language. Also, I appreciate that someone who has a problem with me to take it on me, not on somebody who isn't there.
Good post in its completeness not seen here.

OT (just for a moment) Obese being obscene isn't the half of it. Language usage has really has gotten hyper-sensitive. It was stuff that use to be reserved for the elite few busy-body holier than thou old ladies. It really has gotten crazy.

The other day I was talking to a friend and we talked about the drug violence problem in Mexico if going down to Mexico during spring break. I talked about what I heard in the news, "a Mexican was caught with a very sophisticated high power automatic assult rife." Another person hear that and got offended because I said "Mexican." I turned and said, since when did the word "Mexican" become an offensive word, should I have used Canadian instead, would that have offend you any less... Eh hoser?

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