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Re: Training frequency?

Here's what I tell my students when they first start. It's always best to train as much as you can. Keywords: "as much as YOU CAN." For some that means only twice a week, for others it may mean four times a week. For still others, it means learning how to address injuries pro-actively and wisely so that one can train every day, twice a day.

In other words, injuries are a part of training - not the end of training. Figuring out how to treat them, how to not make them worse, and how to quicken healing times, is a huge part of not having to experience them so often. All of this allows for more time on the mat and less time off of the mat - which is always best. And that is the true way or best way that I think this question should be asked - not "How much should I train?" but rather, "How can I lesson my time off of the mat?"

Keywords: "CAN I."

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