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Training frequency?

I'm a beginner of about 3 months now, and currently train Tuesday and Thursday mornings and just started Saturday evenings a few weeks back. As of now, this is every class offered by my dojo.

There's been talk of the dojo adding a beginner class on Friday mornings and an hour of open mat time on Monday mornings. Failing that, the Yoshinkan hombu dojo is near my office and offers english-language classes weekday mornings (besides Monday) that I could attend when my dojo has no class.

On one hand, I really love training (this came as a bit of a shock, actually) and I want to improve, but on the other hand I wonder how much is too much for me? At some point the law of diminishing returns must come into play and I'll spend more time nursing my injuries than actually doing anything productive.

So how much did you all train when you were just starting out? Any replies are appreciated.


- Drew

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