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Re: YouTube: Internal strength demo...


Your questions are all very good ones...questions that I have asked over the years that the very same people on this thread are responding too. Some have been answered, some have not, but for the most part I have gotten answers, or have formed my own opinions which we have talked about of course.

Specifically, why isn't the U.S military using it?

I can probably answer that as well as an anyone given my involvement in the Army's Combatives Program and access to the various SMEs we have.

This is an broad and over arching question, and I will attempt to answer it as best I it can be a tricky area to answer directly.

FIrst and foremost, the MIlitary focuses in on what I would call "Good enough" efficiency. that is, we are not trying to be the best martial artist in the world, but to gain skills that are "good enough" to get the job done.

Clearning a room and jacking a guy into a wall in CQB or taking him down...on a realitive scale of skill needed...IT skills don't matter too much really as a specific training methodology.

I simply need learn a few things, achieve suprise, speed, stealth, coupled witth some decent grappling/body skills and I am good to go.

I don't even need to be good a BJJ, I simply a narrow range of skills to be "good enough".

Second, your question assumes that parts of these skills are not already inherent or used in the human body...anyone's human body. Come on, we all have fascia, it all works and supports us...again good does it have to work in order to be "effective" to me it becomes a question of skill or realitive value.

I have found much of this training to be helpful to me personally, so the fact that we don't use it in the military does not negate it's value, I think it only puts perspective on the realitive value of actual utility for the military at large...which is an instituion...thus instituional rules/norms/mechanics will apply.

Third point on the whole MMA logic...yea this is kinda a rub with me.

Maybe Dan can clear up a few things that have popped up the last couple of days.

Dan, you mention abandoning your current training is necessary to get gains.

I believe in past conversations that you have also said that MMA guys are using this in their training, which implies and additive practice and can be done as such.

OR, are the MMA guys, which I assume are bonafide competitive fighters with records training in a completely different methodology than say what Pat Militech or any other decent MMA camp is doing.

I would certainly understand if they were gettting a competitive advantage that they'd want to keep it top secret, heck I would....but I think though that since you are training MMA guys and have made that fact public that you could discuss it in general terms.

I don't care about youtube proof etc...just want to understand your perspective on this a little more as I probably have it jacked up some.

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