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Re: Haydn Foster Sensei Passed away today.

Mr Foster, was my Sensei ( since 2001) was one of the most inspirational people I have ever met, always had time to speak and joke with his students, on and off the mat. He knew many of our troubles and always had time to listen to us.
Such a jolly man, my two eldest daughters thought so too. When I used to train on Sunday's down at the Hut sometimes it was just myself, Tom Why and Mr Foster and my two eldest watching. He used to give the a few pounds each and tell them to make sure they used it to buy sweets.
I was not able to train for about 2 years due to contracting a nasty hospital infection that ate away at my knee. I just recently started back at another Institute club (White Oak) which is nearer to me, and Mr Foster sent a message to me through my new Sensei (Simon Thackeray) welcoming me back. I never got to see Mr Foster again.
I wish peace and Love and heart felt sympathy to his family at this time, without their support we may never have known what a great Sensei Foster really was. (With a family I realise how hard it is to go to aikido seminars, courses etc when there are other commitments).
Long may his legacy live on through all those he has taught through the decades and his family. xxx

Until we meet again Sensei in The Great Dojo In The Sky.

Soumaya Sheperia
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