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difficult situation

[I'm sorry your instructor is getting involved in this. I know how it feels. It could be a phase so don't burn bridges. But do go look around and see what else you have available. May be train some where else and visit every now and then to stay in touch.

I whole-heartedly agree: Don't burn bridges, if you can help it.

If this is a "difficult situation," it shouldn't be. If you feel like your becoming "soaked in" to a dojo, and can't leave without feeling big guilt, take a break, visit other places.

This may sound flammable, but the fact is that there is indeed some things to do with some esoteric practices that are..."real."

By this I mean people do things with them. If this sounds spooky, well, maybe it should.

All I'm saying is that it's nothing do play around or diddle with. If you ever feel pressured to get into something your not comfortable with: take heed. these folks don't usually make a show of what their up to and do not publicize!

If you want to continue with this sensei, you might let him know how you feel. If he is not aggreable or doesn't understand your questions, I really would leave,myself.

Question: Does your sensei seem like a "sober" person? Mature? Level-headed? Experienced? How old is he/she?

Everyone is a beginner at something.

Have fun with Aikido! Be enthusiastic! To do Aikido with an open heart it is necessary to be able to trust and rely on your teacher.
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