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Difficult situation

Giancarlo DiPierro (G DiPierro) wrote:
12 years of experience is really not much for an Aikido teacher, especially one with his own dojo. It is highly unlikely this person is even a full shidoin (certified instructor) at this point, as that requires at least 4th dan which usually takes at least 15-20 years of practice. You should look around at some other dojos and compare this person's technique to people who have been doing the art for 20, 30 or 40 years. It might be an eye-opener.
Just a quick note. Not all organizations have instructor certifications.
The primary motivation for attending a certain dojo shouldn't be its proximity but its quality of teaching/training and how much you yourself gets out of that teaching/ training. I've changed dojo myself for those very reasons...
Jun, you and I have done similar Aikido commutes and as such we're more or less agreed in practice on this. Still, I think continued practice will be far more likely when proximity is less of an issue. It takes a special kind of insanity to drive an hour to class after work. So, while it may not be the prime factor, and I agree that in most cases it shouldn't be, I'd argue that it is one of the primary factors.
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