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Difficult situation

At my dojo, our sensei sometimes seems fancifull and speaks about all manner of metaphysical things. For the most part its bearable but sometimes it starts veering off into DragonBallZ territory. Needless to say, as someone who is interested in the serious pursuit of Aikido practice, this starts to grate a little after a while.

As an example, he recently discovered one of these mail-order empty-force qi-master courses, the website is here:

He has managed to infect some of the more gullible students with an interest in this crap and now they are all talking about ordering the course which supposedly costs about $600.

Should I just start going to a different dojo? The main reason I am there is because it is conveniently close and for all the fancifull talk and embarresing level of gullibility, the techniques are spot-on and our sensei moves with the grace and true inner power only someone who has been doing Aikido for 12 years possess.
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