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Re: Is your Aikido as a Martial Art up to Reality?

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The tree huggers have claimed a lot of victims amongst door men ` bouncers` - As you well know if any of the tough old boys have a conviction they cannot work on ``the door``......I get around a bit with my son and we have a giggle at some of the `new young door men ` who make an obvious target.........

Henry Ellis
I know what you mean!! We had one here in Winchester, he was a nice feller but oh dear!, some pratt started on him one night outside a nightspot we park by.....He just froze!! I had to dive in as I was stood outside my cab talking to my oppo cabbie, I just took the geezer down from behind in a choke and held him there till the old bill arrived and the other doormen came to give assistance. Needless to say he wasn't in the job for long....
I don't know if the security firms are scrapping the barrel to get people to do the job, but they do have some sort of training. Most are capable but you get the odd one who must be green or wet behind the ears....