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Re: Is your Aikido as a Martial Art up to Reality?

Hi, I have not posted on here before. I am a retired (medically) police officer (1982-1993) and have been studying aikido for 32 years, running my own school since 1988.

To recreate any situation bordering on 'reality' in the dojo is impossible as there is an absence of 'fear' inherent in most if not all real life violent encounters. Anyone who says that they are not afraid or in fear when confronted with a 'real' street situation is either drunk, drugged or lying. It is the fear factor that triggers our fight or flight response.

Unfortunately as a (retired) police officer the flight option is was not a possibility. We had to walk towards the fight not away from it.

I make it quite clear to my aikido students that they are learning a set of movements in the dojo to better prepare their bodies to react as and when a situation arises, but attacks in the dojo are still extremely ritualised. Unless you wish to cater for the 'realists' by introducing the Cato effect a la the Pink Panther movies (I am of course joking). However ultimately in the dojo there is always a sensei to stop the class if it gets out of hand. On the street you do not have that luxury.