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Re: Is your Aikido as a Martial Art up to Reality?

Henry Ellis wrote: View Post
One thing that I don't understand about your fellow Muslim cab drivers, they don't believe in Christmas or Easter but charge double
fare on these holiday occasions.???..

Henry Ellis
To tell you the truth Henry I know they work xmas day, boxing day and every other sodding day!! Tariff rate is double time, every bank holiday or official holiday is time and a half....
We rake it in on Eed and Ramadan!! They don't like that!!
I like Ramadan and Eed.....As that is the only time we can make a buck these days!!
Not their fault they're are here, Tony Bliar made sure of that!!!!
Most of them are kosher , but those who don't tow the line, get it from them and us. Standards are high and most have come up to it, but they still have the reputation for ripping jo public off. It's no wonder they suffer the most assaults....
Now we have been over licensed, It's ironic fact why we felt the resentment when they did come in their hoards. They thought we were being "racist", so now many of the Muslim drivers realise that, but at what cost? Now they say you told us so.....