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Doing a search via Google on the phrase "blood borne pathogen policy" turned up a few interesting links. Here are two of them that are Aikido related:
- an example of one dojo's policy.
- One of two safety/health forms presented in the March 2001 issue of the BuJin newsletter.

And here are two that are not specific to Aikido:
- Guidelines from the University of Nevada, Reno, Orvis School of Nursing. Two interesting quotes from this site:

"The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) does not recommend barring HIV-infected health care workers from practicing their profession."


"To mandate that a person infected with HIV be required or requested to notify College authorities is difficult, if not impossible to enforce and legally challengeable."

- policy statement from the American Academy of Pediatrics, dated December of 1999. This contains statistics on the odds of infection. It also contains the following sentence in a statement regarding confidentiality:

"Testing of athletes for these viral infections is not indicated. Infected athletes should be told that they have a very small risk of infecting other competitors. This risk, although unknown for any sport, is probably greatest in wrestling and boxing."

Knowledge about policies in the "outside" world is known as a Good Thing. Bottom line, it seems, is that it would NOT be wise to violate confidentiality, and that HIV infection doesn't even contradict a Health Care professional, much less an athlete.

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