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darin wrote:
Aikido is all about fighting. We train to attain perfection in our movements. These movements are designed for one thing. That is defeating an opponent.
I don't think so - I believe they are designed for resolving situations that could potentionally be lethal for one or both parts involved. If possible without any harm, or else with as little harm as possible.
Everyone is talking about love. Tell me, what are you tested on at gradings? Your personality? Should we forget about techniques and just all hold hands and sing folk songs.
Actually you should be tested on personality. I would really doubt that someone with a high technical level but the attitude of a bully could get very far within Aikido. If those who hands out the grades doesn't take the personality of the person being testet into account, then I believe they make a great mistake. A Shodan in Aikido is not just an indication of a specific amount of techniqes learned, but just as much - and perhaps even more - an indication of a personal level that this person has reached. I have seen persons being held back from a shodan-grading by a collective of Senseis simply because they had personal issuses that made it impossible to take on the responsibility of an Aikido-shodan and to show the human growth as such.
Most important thing is to train hard. Concentrate on learning the techniques. We shouldn't have to go to aikido to become better people. Its not what it is meant for.
You're joking - right ? Otherwise I just have to say that i think it is the other way around. Anyway - don't take it from me. Take a look at the articles under the different sections of this web-site. Some of them are written by Aikidoists with many years of practice and a lot of insight, and I think that most of those articles will back up my view upon Aikido.

Just one example though - from a translation of O-Senseis' teachings in the 'General' section: Aikido is not an art to fight with enemies and defeat them. It is a way to lead all human beings to live in harmony with each other as though everyone were one family

It might be that this quote is not in compliance with you view upon Aikido - in that case we just disagree since you have a different opinion of which you are entitled, but I think it should at least make you stop making statements about what Aikido was designed for or not, when they are so clearly in contrast to the teachings of the man who actually did the 'designing' part.

Just my reaction to your post. You threw the bait and I jumped at it.

- Jørgen Jakob Friis

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