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Steve Speicher
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beating the bullet

According to some sources, when Morihei Ueshiba (and his group) were ambushed in Mongolia during a religious mission the attackers had guns. Ueshiba escaped that conflict mostly unharmed and had purportedly been able to 'dodge bullets'. He had described it as seeing flashes of blue were the bullets would be travelling in the next instant and had dodged accordingly.

Now I wasn't there to witness, and I have no evidence to offer as to the truth of that whole episode. But, I personally believe that I am on a path (aikido) that at some future point in my development (maybe not in this lifetime) will allow me to go so far as to even dodge bullets if necessary. Of course, I don't intend to test this out (that's for anyone with a gun who wants to offer to test my training )

Steve Speicher
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