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BC wrote:
I remember a while ago at the dojo a new student asked one of our instructors after class what one should do if you were fighting someone who practiced <insert another martial art here> and they did <insert attack here>. It was interesting because everyone who had been practicing aikido for a while just basically turned away, rolling their eyes and smirking, while all the newbies turned and waited for the answer. The instructor just looked right at the student and responded "is that why you started aikido, to learn how to fight?" I think that student lasted another month or so, and moved on to the next martial art de jour.
I realize in hindsight that I might have given the impression that this instructor was being condescending or flippant to this student. In fact, he was not. After asking that question, he proceeded to spend a significant amount of his time with this student discussing possible techniques in response to this attack and explaining why he asked the question in the first place. I initially didn't give full details of this in order to just seek comments on how people respond to questions like this. My bad. So please save the flames.

Robert Cronin
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