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Re: Why bother keeping Aikido 'pure'?

Gon´┐Żalo Alves wrote: View Post
Sorry, what means IP training?

About youtube, i know that technology cannot replace experiencing, but unfortunately i'm not living on a particular important country so Aikido demos here are almost inexistent, the only two since start training were the ones i was involved! For me, Youtube, is an awesome tool for research and i learn a lot watching videos!
I practice the so called "iwama traditional style" wich focus mainly in kihon and with a lot of technical detail, so for me watching demos on youtube of lots of Aikidokas doing something i consider to be advanced practices , without a strong basis in the rudiments!! Some Daito ryu videos seem fluffy but even in that case i can see the fundamentals ( similar to all martial arts ). Not the fluffyness issue
This happens not only on Aikido! For me good Karate videos are even harder to find!! It happens when martial arts are highly spread and become trendy!
IP = Internal Power

Since you're an Iwama guy you may enjoy this review (the second one) of an IP workshop in Hawaii from another "Iwamaniac".



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