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Re: Crazy Ki demonstration by Barrish Sensei

ok I'll bite.

Some of the movement was actually quite nice. The spritualism/philosophy I could do without.

The big problem here as has been mentioned is the compliance of the ukemi. Uke is leaping into breakfalls rather than rolling out once they already find themselves in the air. Barrish had what I thought were some quite nice entries to unbalance uke, but where in reality that's all that would happen - uke is unbalnaced - here uke falls, leaps, shudders to the ground. What's annoying about this sort of practice is that you only get to practice the initial stage of the technique - the entry and off balancing. How do you keep uke off balance? How do you adjust to a variety of strategies on uke's behalf to reclaim balance? You never get to practice because uke is too busy wide eyed on the ground saying "wow dude that was awesome!"

He also lost me at he start with the "aiki is natural movement" angle. I hate the drive in some quarters to say aiki is everything - in that case why have a word for it? And if all it is is natural movement, why is aikido notorious for taking decades to come to grips with?

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