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Re: How to stretch new belt...

I had not thought of displaying said "shorty" belt and getting another; that is a great idea!
The only reason to keep it in ciruculation is that it is my first black belt given to me by my sensei, though in the end, as he has said, it is only a belt...and I think he would like the display idea.
In fact the hakama he gave me years ago as a farewell gift I can now use, and the "shadow box" I had it displayed in is now free.

As for loosing weight, i am 6' and about 175 lbs. Even when I was down around 160 lbs my waist did not change much: 32 is always too small, 33 just right, 34 almost always too big. But perhaps I should try harder.

Thanks everyone; keep the ideas coming.

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