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Re: G: Gift, Giving, and Growth

Lynn Seiser wrote: View Post
If to truly give, to truly grow, and to truly understand is to have no conditions then how do I know I have given (or received), grown (or regressed), or understood (or misunderstood)?
To have no conditions? Is that what you think unconditional means?

Firstly, there are sequences of conditions, both negative(getting worse) and good(getting better).

Secondly, a)unconditional is used as an adjective ie: unconditional love. This means unhindered by self, unpolluted by self, natural.
b)it also means not dependent on the conditions of others or the external situation.

Thus, no excuses.

This condition or state from which a person can do this is obviously quite a free and enlightened state.

Now if you don't know if or when you have unconditionally given something then you have something rather insightful to look forward to. To recognise when you have truly given, truly grown or truly given understanding is a good exercise.

Ha, ha, in your job you should know how rewarding giving understanding is.

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