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Re: G: Gift, Giving, and Growth

Joe Curran wrote: View Post
I think its much better to give someone a black eye than for someone to give me one.On the other hand when your boss pays you off /makes you redundant do you think he feels much better than you?If any politician taxes poor people and gives tax rebates to millionaires , this gift giving makes the Chancellor happy, the millionaire ecstatic and the plebs unhappy.The giving and getting prezzies at Xmas for example does not make everybody a Happy Bunny.I always fancy a sports car , but end up with a tie and a bag of toffees. Its a cruel world!!
Yes agreed Joe.

It can be a cruel world and perhaps we need to know when to be cruel to one person in order to help and protect others.

Where there are limited resources, to give to one we must take from another. One will think us helpful and the other will think us thieves.

The mobeus strip of then the rescuer becomes the offender and then the victim.

If there are Happy Xmas Bunnies there are probably Sad Xmas Bunnies. So is there an Easter Santa?

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