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Re: why focus on internal power

Thanks Sensei Ledyard...

I have met and trained with a few people that have "internal power" in a variety of arts including Aikido....

It's just a natural result of thier practice and like one Senior Yudansha told me... "It's right in front of you can you see it?"

Funny thing is to a person they don't see internal power as the be all end all "focus/goal" in practice. They see as a step along the path to becoming a better human being...

It is true the some reach that step faster than others and like Roshi said once along time ago "It very is dangerous to cling to Satori and imagine the result is you're something more than human...You will cease to "grow" until you can let go of it."

I am reminded of this every time I grasp the hand of some 5th Kyu and he/she remains unimpressed with my magical powers. LOL He/She just wants to learn.

You can focus on any aspect of the Martial Arts you wish too but once you acheive your "goal" What then???

WIlliam Hazen

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