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Re: Aikido: Striking all along?

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No, I just think if you focus on moving and organizing your body in such a way that you could deliver strikes, you will work against your goal of developing the effective Aikido you want.
But what if Aikido was a striking art in the first place?

In most of the recorded duels between in Aikido annals involving O sensei, has it ever been on record that he actively threw opponents in the manner of grabbing and throwing? Or did the throws just... happened? We see a lot of demonstrations where O sensei would utilize sweeping, soft movements to fling ukes around but is that how O sensei actually fought?

Another thought, in one of Gozo Shioda's biographies it was recorded that O Sensei spoke of Shioda as having the 'strongest basics amongst his students'. Now in demonstrations, Gozo Shioda never utilized the sweeping movements that characterised his sensei's technique, instead his demonstration repertoire is all atemi or very straight, no-nonsense movements. Could this mean that aikido fundamentally was a striking art?

Very circumstantial I know, but more research will be done definitely.

Cliff Judge wrote: View Post
At the level where the principles are the same, grappling is the same too.
The rhythm of a karate match is very different from a judo or wrestling match I'm afraid.
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