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Re: New Aikido Movie/Film (2015)

Adriano Gallucci wrote: View Post
What are your thoughts? ...
All the best to your venture!
I like your idea very much!!!

So please try to read my following thoughts not a as fundamtal critique, but only as a footnote, just the murmur of the constant complainer ... :

When I read your statement about "a unifying film that links all Aikidoka ... based on the premise of non-violence and compassion toward an attacker", it was my first thought, that if your movie really aims to unify all aikidōka, it should be accepted that your premise is actually not shared by all aikidōka.
I think the "martial" and the "pacifistic" fraction of aikidō finally accepting each other would really be unifying.

Also, when I read the article you linked I realized that your understanding of aikidō is different from my image and most of the people I practice with.
aikidō, as a Japanese budō, is clearly not different from other budō in an essential way. It just uses a certain method called aiki, to deal with an attacker. aiki is just a kind of tool, and other budō use other tools. Plus: aikidō by far is not the only budō that uses aiki.
I think understanding aikidō as not being unique but only one of the countless members of the Japanese budō family would really be unifying. And would help to see all the existing links and connections ...

Furthermore, the premise of aikidō is not "to blend with the force of any given attack and find the most peaceful resolution." Maybe this is true for some lines of tradition. And maybe when these expressions are understood as a very abstracting way of describing some underlying principles of spirituality they may work in a certain sense. But they clearly don't match the actual teaching and practice in a whole lot of dōjō around the world.
I think expressing that there are different oppinions of what aiki means, and that there is an understanding of aiki that does not mean blending with the attackers force would really be unif

(Ironically the German students of Yoshinkai I know, most clearly express that their way of doing the techniques explicetly aims to destroy the joints of an attacker. While we think it may do so, but don't necessarily has to, they say, that they aim for it. So that an attacker changes his intention and won't attack again, because he can't use his limbs anymore ...
So, you don't have to go outside your own line of tradtion. As long as it is not that uncommon in aikidō classes even of your own ryū that the practioners are taught how destroy a certain joint using a certain technique, your premises are simply not the premises of all aikidōka. )

All that said ...

... I'm really looking forward to a movie featering aikidō!
Even if it does not unify all of us.

A befriended Czech aikidōka and stuntman did this videoclip " AIKIDO - Street Story".
And also the "Making of", which I find veeeery interesting!
I think, you know this film. Like it - or not?
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