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Re: Strength vs Ki.

Rich Hobbs wrote: View Post
I thought it was because you didn't have a dojo any more?

FWIW I think that were Dan to post a video, regardless of it's content, you'd be preprepared with your "been there/done that" attitude. You're welcome to your opinions but I think that the manner in which you voice them is disingenuous.

You claim to only use plain speaking and express the need for a "put up or shut up" attitude that includes testing if stuff works; so why didn't you take up Dan's offer to go and see for free and "test" him? You wouldn't shell out because it was expensive, in terms of the number of people and the time involved I don't actually think it was so expensive after all a good 12+ hours for the money. Yes I expect you'll redirect this question by asking why not free for all etc etc... please don't bother unless you want to answer the asked question first.

I'll freely admit that I was skeptical, I attended the seminar and if I had come away feeling that Dan was anything less than genuine, friendly and warm in his attitude or that he was "selling snake oil" or some such scam to gull folk out of their hard earned money I can assure you that I would be on here with a big flag waving to let people know to avoid him; I didn't because that's not the impression I came away with, I also didn't come on here to "big him up" because I don't think he needs us to do that, the only reason I decided to post is because I want to position myself (silence being assent) in opposition to the manner in which you comment and approach the debate(s).

You're welcome to your opinions but they'd come across as more worthwhile if they were based on experience and not just speculation.

No Rich wrong, I might even see something in common with what I do and be more inclined to want to try out one of DD,s seminars, but I still think it's expensive, until then I don't go for something blind. By the way warm & friendly is sometimes a good marketing ploy. It makes one popular and I have found it a little too familiar. I tend to be a little distant until I feel comfortable with people and then open up. Something a little old fashioned & typically British? Others have put up stuff like Aunkai and Ushiro , although I've seen his stuff before and know where he is coming from, (some of it is very similar to T/S aikido believe it or not) but most mainstream aikido has this missing as well as other MA, oh what a shame!!..... I'm glad that I didn't waiver in my past and stuck to what I know works best, hard work, strong basics and good teachers.... It's where we differ maybe?
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