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Re: Leave your problems at the door, they'll be waiting for you when class is over.

We have a sign that says "Leave your ego here." and it has an arrow pointing down and a waste basket underneath it.

But it isn't always easy to do, so day to day stuff creeps onto the mat and hopefully you have sempai and teachers that will recognize it and help you overcome it. In turn you will be able to help others deal with their stuff. Sometimes it only takes a few words and sometimes it takes a lot of ukemi.

Some may pick their stuff back up and take it with them; some may leave their stuff behind; and some may leave it and go out and find new stuff.

And this is starting to sound like a George Carlin rant, so I'll stop here.

Carl Bilodeau
Jiyūshin-ryū AikiBudō

"Yield to temptation it may not pass your way again." - Robert Heinlein
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