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Re: Help: Who Is Nodan?

Hello all-

We received a copy of Nodan's video at my dojo. We watched it after our New Year's Eve training session over a couple of glasses of sake. It was truly hilarious, especially when his "uke" with the pirate patch over his eye steps on the mat to help him out. It was really weird how we received the video completely unsolicited, and in fact their was no return address and the postage hadn't even been marked so it couldn't be used again. After some discussion, some of us believe that the impetus behind these videos being distributed around could be some fundamentalist religious group trying to save our souls from the occultist practices we have been divulging in (I mean hey, we are a Ki Society dojo after all). If you've seen it, you'll recall that the recurrent theme throughout the video is that one need not participate in occultist practices to achieve power (as he shows by proving himself against countless, defenseless boards). Anyway, the video was great entertainment, and for what it's worth, I thank whoever sent it to our dojo. I don't think they got any converts, but we will always fondly remember that accent, something between French and Japanese if I remember correctly.

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