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Re: Belts sticking out

The only time my belt should show even a bit from under my hak is when I'm feeling uppity and wearing the pink belt I got the gf a while back. Hey, if my sensei can take it to wear at a seminar he's teaching, I can certainly wear it at the dojo once in a while. Annoys the stuffier sempai, and I like that.

About the patchy gi thingy, I have three letters. BJJ. What is up with that? The art seems to go from no-gi/rash guard/slippery/(maybe vaseline???) attempts to not give opponents a handle to wearing a gi with additional extra bonus traction devices. And how can a person not see them coming from miles away?

As long as we're on fashion faux-pas, I have two. Wearing the kit outside of training, even just to get to the dojo. I find it to be unsafe and generally ego driven. Sensei or sempai or anyone wearing non-gi Japanese clothing, especially for media purposes. Kinda creepy. Ok, three. Spending real money on something that's going to get hella trashed in a few months if I am training right. Of course, my gi will be clean, repaired, and safely functional. That's it. It is work clothes. It is a consumable.

My latest dorkalicious story. I was asked to help lead the college class we occasionally do. Typical mix, couple jocks (great to train with), couple theatre people (also great), Yusuke the Tomiki yudansha exchange student who was excited as all shit out to find aikido of any sort in the little podunk town his school is in (super great to train with), purple belt guy from up the road (prettty good, but a bit of "at my dojo" syndrome), 19 year old Dave who "got all the way to orange belt in TKD when he was a kid" who kept telling me you can kill someone with a palm strike to the nose/touch of death heart punch to kill someone/only takes 7 ounces of pressure to kill someone/kill someone/I dont know my right ass from my left elbow but I know 37 ways to kill someone/oh, and kill someone (amusing or frustrating depending on the day), and then there was him.

Him, 150 lb, 5' 11.9999" skinny white guy from Eastern Oregon, said he was self-taught in kenjiujitsudo. Walked into every class with a indigo gi and hakama, hakama three inches longer than his legs to be sure to hide his secret footwork. Had a rubber tanto in his obi because he didn't want to hurt anyone but his real training, this was just something to do while in school, compelled him to always have a blade of some sort on him and who knew what else he had hidden upon him so dont fuck with him. Topknot and dreads and beaded thread wraps, all under a dread bag and a Naruto hachmaki and tekkou. Would not practice ukemi because nobody could make him fall down (.........) Tried to teach us the throat finger stab that Inuyasha used against Bankotsu, but came from his style of martial arts. His power level, IT'S OVER 9000

Cosplay != aikido.
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