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Stephen Nichol
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Re: Belts sticking out

Robin Johnson wrote: View Post
Why do you care? Seriously. What does it matter? It is more comfortable that way for me.
Hi Robin,

This is not personal so please bear with me on this.

1. The original post was about 'belt rank sticking outside of Hakama'
2. My feelings about 'belt rank (and other :stuff: )' being embroidered on a belt and perhaps 'also' being intentionally left hanging out on display for all to see, was something I dislike.
3. Dave's post was about senior Karate practitioners wearing their belts outside the Hakama which is completely absurd given how Hakama were traditionally worn in Japan.

So in the context of the points above is your post about more about you being more comfortable with your belt ends hanging out of your Hakama or the need to display your rank?

(to clarify my point, I tie my belt in a way that the ends are tucked in with natural folds of it as it goes around my waist and not just let them flop around. They are not the way of anything and so no less comfortable than wearing the belt itself.)
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