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Drew Ames (jxa127) wrote:
You guys are tough. However, arguing ethics and legality (which I never said were necessarily related, by the way) is entirely appropriate given the initial story and the following question on teaching others aikido.
Sorry Drew, I don't mean to be tough in here, and I certainly hope we're not stifling your thoughts and insights.
The motives of the teacher are enigmatic (and a little passive-aggressive), but the lesson to the student is very clear. One should be humble, not bully, and use one's skills for good instead of evil. After all, there's always somebody better than you.
Point well taken.

This story hit a chord with me for some reason, and I'm trying on my own time to understand why.

I think it's because that old stories are "great" and so most people automatically nod their head and say, "Wow, good moral, " just because its an old story.

Others read into a story because they are better learned than I am, and I don't see what they're seeing right away. Thus, I read what I see and not "between the lines". Well, better luck next time for me.


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