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Re: Benefits of the Aikikai

Marc Abrams wrote: View Post
Have you ever heard of the sport Baseball? Internationally, we do not always win. Frankly, I do not recall the types of difficulties with that you have alluded to above in how Americans might react to somebody doing something better than us, that we invented.

Thank you for sharing with us your "issues" with us Americans. I would suggest more fiber in your diet. it will help you pass what ever bones you have stuck up your large colon with Americans.... Back to horseback riding with all of my other cowboy friends.....

Marc Abrams
Hi Marc

well.. I get plenty of fiber.. and I have good friends in America, so if my statement seems to you as an attack on Americans as a whole then it was far from my intention. English is not my first language so I might not state my point as precise as they should be. For you to interpret this as a hostile attitude towards the whole US is your choice and not my intention. However I do find it puzzling that there seem to be a little stars and stripes next to pretty much every post (in this and a few other dialogues on this forum) that criticize the Aikikai. It may be due to the fact that most posts here are by Americans, but it just still seems like something that is worth giving a little thought.

To quote just two posts from the above debate you yourself wrote in post #20:
"We do recognize that Aikido is a Japanese martial art that is now on an international scale, so much so that there are non-Japanese teachers who could easily walk into the Hombu dojo and teach people there at a very, very high level. If this organization wants to retain any kind of genuine relevance, outside of a lasting family tradition, then they can no longer hide behind the cultural ways of the past."

I know this is taken out of context, and you have some otherwise very interesting arguments in that post with which I agree. Albeit in post #32 Mr. Ledyard said:
"There is stuff happening here that isn't happening anywhere else. Some recognition is required on the part of the Aikikai that Aikido doesn't just proceed outwards from Hombu as a hub but is actually developing in many areas and proceeding outwards from many hubs. American teachers are going all over the world now."

These were a few of the comments that made me feel a little bit offended by the whole thread and the point I hoped to get across was:.. yes.. it may be so.. but the Aikikai is already created by Japanese people, and it is not fair to expect it to be run by american standards.

My gastric system aside I guess I struck a nerve. It just seems funny to me that it is okay to play the "Japanese people are just taking care of their own kind" but not okay to point out that there is a chance that american aikidoists (in this forum, in this debate) can have a tendency to do the same.

Anyway. I am probably just fanning the flames here. And these posts will never have the level of detail to get our opinions across in a way that will not appear offending to at least some readers, so I'll just leave it for now. If anybody want to discuss this in more detail I'll be happy to meet you on or off the mat for a beer and a frank discussion if the chance should arise.



PS: just had to add: Mary Eastland: The first two paragraphs of your post #58 are what I wished I'd written. Thank you.

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