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Re: Benefits of the Aikikai

Most people in Europe below 4th Dan have nothing to do with the Aikikai Hombu so they have no problem with it. above that level you will also have no problem if you know how to work the system and you want to. I personally don't have a problem with it. I see it as the Ueshiba family business and they have a right to make it work if they can and the market stretches to it. On the other hand, the maze of conflicting regulations, some that only seem to count for non Japanese, the arrogance of some of the "Shihans", the mystery of what you are paying for when you receive your dan grades, etc, can lead to a sometimes jaundiced feeling. I am not anti-Japan, I have been there 10 times over the last 20 years, I follow a Japanese Shihan, but I am not blind to their shortcomings, nor ours (mine). We have a right and responsibility to question, as Phi says, and the predominance of Americans here makes sense, many europeans can't read English

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