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Michael Hackett
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Re: Kingfisher Bokken

I have the Iwama style from Kingfisher and have been absolutely pleased with it. My only complaint is that I had a sharp edge on the omote side of the tsuka and I actually sanded it down a tad. I hated applying sandpaper to it, but it was only about a half-inch edge and took maybe ten strokes with 200 grit sandpaper. I also spent hours tapping the striking surfaces to harden them before I ever used it. They give you detailed instructions on surface hardening and I don't have any visible dents. I understand what Cliff is saying about using the handcut bokken and jo in regular training, but then again, what were they made for? If I ever wear these out, I will replace them with exactly the same thing and use them regularly. They are works of art but are most beautiful when being used.

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