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Re: Painless Techniques and Learning Aikido

My ideal is to apply a lock or pin in such a way that I've already taken balance and there is only pain if uke turns or rises against it. I may not always succeed at this! but it is definitely my goal.

Having said uke, learning to breathe into and relax and sink into a nikkyo lock, was invaluable both on the mat (learning non-resistive connection) and also off the mat, in teaching my how to deal with pain that is either benign and to be lived with (arthritis) or just not going away yet (like in the ER waiting for treatment).

As nage w/ newbies, I like to aside from "doing technique" stop and just slowly slowly apply a lock, showing them how it travels up the body AND how under these condition it can lock without hurting for quite some time. I like to have them understand the feel of a final pin that doesn't hurt but leaves them immobilized, so they know they don't have to wait to "tap out when it hurts" as sometimes, unfortunately, they've been instructed.

But in training, going through the normal back and forth, yeah sometimes the lock or pin will hurt for a moment and that's just part of the learning.

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