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Re: Painless Techniques and Learning Aikido

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On another thread, from which this on was spawned, it was stated that pain will lead to incorrect Aikido technique. Therefore, it is argue on that thread, techniques should be done painlessly. Maybe I assumed that everyone would have understood where this question is coming from. What is your opinion, does experiencing pain during the practicing of a technique help or hinder learning Aikido?
In my opinion Good /Bad pain are both sides of the same coin.In life we experience bad/ good situations.Whether you have a bad/good experience or whether you feel good /bad pain during Aikido the point I think is to seek something positive in a bad situation .In a word learn to accept and neutralise the pain from a waza./see some good in bad situations.
Do we not try and do this when /if we are faced with lifes difficulties?We were never promised a cushy time in life so why complain if occasionally we receive a bit of pain during training.
Like the say -No pain -no gain.Treat pain like a friend .
Pain is you body's way of saying something isnt quite right eg your ukemi might be lousy.
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