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Re: Correct Movement in Aikido

I think there is a time for working to exhaustion and many good lessons to be learned from it. If we do it as a parochial practice (aesthetic), it might be kinda pointless because we limit ourselves to one type of experience. I think balance is the key.

I went to Army Ranger School about 10 years ago. I really had high hopes that during that experience that I would reach a new level of enlightment. I laughed about 6 weeks into the course after many hallucinations and periods of self doubt and said "wow, this just sucks!".

10 years later, I am still unfolding new things I learned during that experience!

You can't discount stress or exhaustion as a methdology. Look at many POWs and guys like Viktor Frankl that emerged from hell and were strengthed through their experience.

That said, I don't think it is necessary all the time.

I was just watching a documentary on Ram Dass tonight. Him and Timothy Leary did lots of psychedlic drugs in the 60's hoping to acheive enlightment. They feel they did, or at least that it expanded their minds. My wife and I were discussing it...just becuase it worked for them, doesn't mean we should run out and start doing drugs. Their knowledge can be experienced by others through their example, does not have to be a direct experience to learn!

I kinda look at things like this as breaking the 4 minute mile. It was a paradigm that was held back only through our own self doubts....once it was done by one guy...many followed!

Okay, I am getting way off base now! Time to quit!
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