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Thumbs down Re: koichi tohei - where is he?

hi guys,

During this year's Ki Society world camp, we had the opportunity to be introduced to koichi tohei sensei personally, although he did not teach. Although he seemed quite weak, you couldn't call him frail - seated and silent, he still had a tremendous aura and energy. He observed us during training on a few occassions - I can only hope he liked what he saw in this generation of aikidoka. As far as what he is doing now, I think he confines himself largely to ki development, and does not practice much aikido.

It was my first time at Ki no Sato, and it was an amazing experience - the facility has an infectious energy about it: very positive ki! Situated in the countryside of rural Japan (though oddly enough, opposite a 7-11), they hold seminars almost every other week. The facility itself is excellent - a great deal of thought has gone into it, I think. Two training areas, including a mat-space that I've heard (though not confirmed) is the largest in the world, as well as a smaller dojo that is used for local classes. Something like 200 beds, dining facility, and beer & sake vending machines not 10m from the mat! If you ever get the chance to visit, do!
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