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Re: koichi tohei - where is he?

Asim Hanif wrote:
I was able to interview Shaner Sensei over a period of about 3 days and he said some very interesting things in regards to Tohei Sensei and the future of the Ki Society.
Maybe Jun can post the interview if I ever get around to transcribing it. The interview took place around the beginning of this year.
For those that don't know, David Shaner Sensei is the Chief Instructor of the newly formed Eastern Ki Federation and a longtime Tohei Sensei disciple.

Yes, please do. That would be interesting. As a teacher, Shaner Sensei is a very articulate speaker and I always enjoyed his classes that I have been able to attend. I hope sometime to be able have him visit Texas. I like students to be exposed to as many different good teachers as possible.

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