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Re: koichi tohei - where is he?

Ron Tisdale wrote:
Hi Craig,
Have you been to this complex? It sounds wonderful!
No, all my teachers have been there many times so I have seen a lot of pictures and heard a lot of stories, but I really missed my chance to go back in 1996 to train with Tohei Sensei there when I was a young punk no-nothing nikkyu and my teacher was spending all summer there. I regret not going just for the experience. I would have liked to have trained with Tohei Sensei when he was coming over in the 1960's and 1970's to the US and hanging out at people's houses and drinking them under the table but then I would have to be an old fart now That's when Shaner Sensei was following him around the country like he was the Grateful Dead.

There are some really great teachers in the States that go every year (often more than once) that I can train with here who have long personal relationships with Tohei Sensei - Clarence Chinn Sensei, David Shaner Sensei, and of course Koichi Kashiwaya Sensei.

That's fortunate as my money pit of a this old house has been sucking hard on my finances. I keep telling my self, it's a great neighbhorhood.
For now, I am concentrating on bringing the training here.

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