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Recently while at the New York Aikikai's 40th aniversery summer camp, me and many other people got to watch a presentation about a new software package known as "aikido3D"

The software basicly acts as a database of techniques. You can search the database by the attack type, technique type, or testing requirements (USAF / Aikikai)

Once you've selected the technique and attack. You can watch a 3D nage and uke perform it. You can speed up, slow down, rotate and pan around, and even pause the video.

If you watch it in slow motion you can add a commentary that describes what's happening in the demonstration.

You can check out their website at

There is not alot of information there. I kinda wish they would put up a video of what we got to see at the demonstration.

Anyway. Thought I should just bring this to the attention of the community.

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