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Re: High(er) Intensity Weapons

Matt Kaye wrote: View Post
Hi all, it is interesting to note that much of what we train within the aikido weapons system goes completely out of the window when faced with a competant swordsman. Working against the controlled yet furious cuts of my sensei (5th dan kendo, iaido and jodo) the idea of moving inside the sphere of the bokken and attempting any techinque seems an impossible task.
Dear Matt,
The concept of unarmed man against a trained swordsman is exceptionally high quality aikido.Most of what you see in demos is not truly a reflection of the idea of tachidori.Having said that I have seen tachidori waza executed successfully against experienced swordsmen.
TamuraSensei for example in sword practice simply never gave you an opening to attack him.He totally dominated his partners.
Cheers, Joe. .
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