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Re: slow progress

I would like to thank everyone for sharing their opinion.

@ jonreading: majority of my friends would like to do ''hardcore sports'' and not ''dancing'', and the ones that would like to take up aikido cannot because of their obligations. Oh, and I will try to switch my variable

@ NagaBaba: why makes you say that?

@ Larry: ''Ever think of what you would do if you wind up teaching a new student bigger than you who is stiff and resistive?Are your techniques up to par to actually be effective but not injure?''
That is the problem - I still don't have that ''middle mode'' that would allow me to perform well without endangering others who are trying to overpower me. I do work with such a person and there are usually 2 results: I cannot finish or even start the technique or I have to use my force and speed to go through but that method is not safe.

@ Pauliina: I liked your ideas the most. I will certainly visit the other dojo and focus on things that do not depend on my partner.

@ Diana: my teacher said yesterday that I can take the test whenever I feel like it, but I think that I will wait until the others are ready as well. And I still don't feel confident enough with the bokken.
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