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Re: New Internal Style of The Wooden Staff

Mary Eastland wrote: View Post
Here I will say it again. Ron Ragusa Sensei has" IT". Honest, not that you will ever come here to find out. How could anyone in a tiny Aikido dojo in the Berkshires have it?
Well he does. He has IT and he has IT in the context of Aikido. With no competion or besting of others or making others wrong so he can be right.
Ignore this again because how can somebody from Aikido have IT?
Ah Mary. I begin to see what your frustration is. Don't worry about it and get frustrated, just use it as a chance to practice Aikido.
I've never met Ron and yet I see he has a greater understanding of Aiki than many. I notice he can differenciate between mind, body and spirit and see their correlation also. Of course those who like to call it 'body' this and'body' that are welcome to do so and that is also part of Aikido.
As I keep saying, and it's always misinterpreted, it's all good.
I mention IT is already in Aikido and get attacked but it's only by those who don't believe it or want it yesterday or think others are hiding the secrets of it. It's all good.
I mention many things and learn from the experience. It's all good. Sometimes it's very amusing too. Take the word Aiki for example and see how many respond with views of all kinds, even historical. It may be to justify their view or it may be to inform, it's all fascinating none the less.
I wonder how many know how far back Aiki goes? Takeda did either teach it or share it with O'Sensei but it goes way back further than that, back to kempo and buddhist monks. All interesting as background data but as always it will boil down to whether you view budo and such as self developement or self defence.
He who really studies the history of these things will see which came first and thus how it is then 'borrowed' for more violent means. Hence those who want it for self defence (fear reasons) or domination reasons or even control reasons will not only ignore certain people but will attack them if they are told they are wrong.
Maintain your path of compassion, inspired by universal love and in the spirit of loving protection and as you say in your blog-All are your uke's.
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