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Re: Dont everyone run at once. ( and Bujin Hakama)

Hanna Björk wrote: View Post
Then you don't click "OK, place the order" (or similar).
Sorry it does not work that way..

Firstly, they ask you to input the shipping address, as part of calculating the final total.. As of last month, the pull down menu for Shipping Address only allows "United States of America" for Country..

So you're supposed to put a foreign address, and use USA as the country.. On this same page you put your credit card# and hit OK.. By the time you hit OK, you've given your credit card#.. Bujin will then contact you with the corrected billing for postage.. This is wrong, by this time they have the ability to take whatever they want, since I've already approved an amount/purchase.. It is very messy to try to get the charges reversed..

It is very prudent practice to always know what you are being charged BEFORE you authorize an E-transaction of a payment.. Money can be taken out fast, but it takes a lifetime and lots of red tape to get the money put back..

Maybe it is better to just make a phone purchase..

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